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Webinar on Rigging: Subbu Addanki, Technicolor Creative Studios Academy

Subbu Addanki, Trainer, Technicolor Creative Studios Academy will lead the session on Rigging in the Learn, Create and Grow webinar series. The purpose of this webinar is to provide you with an understanding of how to rig effectively for CG and VFX projects, develop your understanding of the skeletal frameworks, and control animated characters and props. Subbu will demonstrate how rigging is an essential component of the animation process, and how it allows an animator to control how the 3D model moves and responds to stimuli. In this webinar, he will discuss everything from joint placement to control, skinning, and adding deformation layers to rigging a character, as well as some of the tools he has developed to make his work faster Sign up here: Sign up here: Learn more about The Academy's Rigging course here:

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