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With Advance Hyper Skinning System (AHSS), you can skin your character at faster speeds at various areas of character.

Option 4 -  Advance Hyper Skin (All Features) - For 1 Year needs internet connection for the checking current date online

Please reach out at for any clarifications

What You Receive:

  • as_HyperSkinMain.pyc [Main Tool]
  • as_SmoothNearest.pyc(Supporting Tool)  [Full Version & Equivalent Code for button]

[Limited Free feature of Hyper Skinning System, now available on creative-crash website, for testing from your end.]
[Video for this feature is already out there:]

  • hsNode.pyc (Supporting Module):

[One node for the most of the rigging process. You can use this node in your personal setups also]

Test Files:

  • Arnold Rig (For Practicing The Tool)
  • Box hand rig as shown in videos (For understanding Blend method and blend value)
  • (For testing Individual Skin Joints)
  • (For testing more / less loops at wrist area)

Delivery Time:
Delivery of the tools may take up to 1 to 2 days,
Since it involves compilation process. This tool is available at per system basis only.

More with as_HyperSkin:
1. Skinning Transfer:
2. Proxy Mesh Creation:
3. Free : Arnold Rig (For Testing)
   Which is as you see in the video


Features (as_HyperSkin_v3.0):

  • Reduces human effort during The Skinning Process
  • Export and import of discs / disc attributes : For huge library of rigs / assets
  • Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird, Quad, Snake etc.)
  • Works On Selected Vertices
  • Advance Feature : Solving Joints For Fingers / Toes / Tail / Multiple polygon layers
  • Advance Feature : Smoothing Nearest Vertices (as_SmoothNearest / as_EasySmooth)
  • Hyper Smooth : Automated Smooth Process on tubular and non-tubular sections also
  • Hyper Discs : Auto Creation and Auto Replacement
  • Tight Integration With Auto Rigs of as_Family (,, etc.)
  • Works like a charm on Non-Manifold Geometry And All The Options Of Smooth Bind Also
  • Disposable Discs : No Deformer, No mess and No Extra burden to the Rig..
  • Finished rig(skin) can be used in a different Maya environment without the tool
  • Works well on individual skinned joints also
  • Volume Preservation : shoulders, hips & elbow like areas
  • Auto Dual Layer Skinning


Please Note:
1. Minor changes might be needed in rig setup and model for better utilization of the tool.


Documentation & Support:

  • Most of the documentation is already provided in above videos.
  • Tool needs basic rigging knowledge. Assuming that, questions will be answered. 
  • Additional PDF documentation will be provided for updates & interface help.
  • eMail service will be provided when ever it is needed, during usage of script.
  • No refund will be given.
  • One Free Mac ID will be given with Each Option
  • Mac ID can’t be transferred and deactivated, once its given
  • A 60 days (from specific date) free limited trail version of AHSS is available here : as_HyperSkin

As_HyperSkin - Advanced Hyper Skinning System

$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price


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