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C-A-R-S (as_Easy... Tools):
Quickly turn your models into the advanced rigs

+> Auto Joints Placer
+> Advanced Auto Rigging
+> Advanced Auto Skinning
+> Advanced Rebuild Options
+> Quick test of new born rigs

as_Easy... Tools - from C-A-R-S
Complete-Auto-Rigging-System &



With as_HyperRig, you can quickly create, edit the rigs as shown in below videos


What You Receive:


Without the Tools Tab in as_HyperRig:

  • as_HyperRigMain.pyc (Main Tool)                          
  • asNode.pyc (Supporting Module)
  • as_eRigMain.pyc (Supporting Module)
  • as_eCtrlMain.pyc (Supporting Module)
  • as_eTestMain.pyc (Supporting Module)
  • as_eMathMain.pyc (Supporting Module)
  • as_eModMain.pyc (Main Module)

And With the Tools Tab in as_HyperRig:

All the tools which I developed over a period of 13 years and which are available on

  • All the above mentioned files, plus below files only
  • as_EasyRigMain.pyc
  • as_EasyBirdMain.pyc
  • as_EasyQuadMain.pyc
  • as_EasySnakeMain.pyc
  • as_EasyExpMain.pyc
  • as_HyperSkinMain.pyc
  • as_DeformEasyMain.pyc
  • as_StretchEasyMain.pyc


Delivery Of Tools:
Delivery of the tools may take up to 1 to 2 days.


And this tool is available on per system basis only.

Please check the activation file in the downloaded folder for installation and activation process


Please Note:


Tools will be delivered to your mail ID which is given via PayPal


Documentation & Support:

  • Video Tutorials are WIP
  • eMail service will be provided when ever it is needed, during usage of script.
  • No refund will be given.
  • Mac IDs are not transferable.

As_HyperRig -Hyper-Fast Modular Rigging System

$1,399.00 Regular Price
$1,119.20Sale Price


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