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as_RigDoctor / as_RigScanner - T.I.C.S : Track Issue Code System

Trying-out some RnD on "Coding System" for Rig/ Various Pipeline Issues

(Just For Fun..)

What If we can track various issues with Issue IDs

Pipeline Issues: P01 ► GeoCache Not Published P02 ► Animation Broken While Referencing P03 ► Rig published but file is not available at given location Etc

Rigging Issues: R01 ► Shoulder Twist Issue At Front 90 Rotation R02 ► Volume Loss At Elbow

For Ex, Complete Issue Track ID: L04►P05 : Limb 04 -> Arm, Part 05 - Elbow Etc

RigScanner Works for Various Other Issues ► Naming Convention Related issues ► Finding-out of Unknown Nodes ► Removing Name Spaces, If any ► Removing Anim Keys, if exist

How It Helps: ► In a year, Find-out which Issue ID repeated most ► Plan training or some kind of Skill Upgrade programme ► Provide review notes Something like this (For R01 - Rendering Issues, T01-Texturing Issues Etc) ► All these issues will be saved to XL sheets etc

Just wanted to know, what you guys say ..

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